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Just a few of the reasons you'll love Hypernomicon

Total solution for tracking information about debates, PDF files, bibliographic entries, notes, and more

Hypernomicon is perfect for: Anyone who works in a field (professionals, hobbyists, and students alike) where they have to keep track of several (or more) of the following:

Hypertext-infused relational database

Hypernomicon keeps track of all of the above in a highly structured, thoroughly indexed and user friendly relational database, automatically generates semantic hyperlinks between all of them, and presents this information in many different forms so that you are constantly informed of ways all of your information is related that you had not realized.

All record information is stored in XML files on your computer so your information is always accessible whether you are online or not, and it can easily be backed up and synced between multiple computers using existing cloud services like Dropbox. XML is a user-friendly data format that is human-readable and editable, greatly reducing the probability of data loss due to corruption.

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Hypernomicon's source code is covered by the Apache License Version 2.0. Distributions of Hypernomicon that include third-party libraries are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License + Commons Clause 1.0. License information for Hypernomicon and the third-party libraries it uses can be found here.


Thanks to Danny Weltman for design ideas and testing.

A list of icon sets and third-party libraries used by Hypernomicon can be found here.